17 de Marzo
Giorgo Sertsios, Universidad de los Andes
Titulo: "Not all profits are created equal: New evidence on the profitability-leverage puzzle"
31 de Marzo
Stepehn Lin - Florida International University
Titulo: "Does Mandatory Adoption of IFRS contribute to the decline of the accrual anomaly? Evidence from Germany"
13 de Abril
Julien Penasse - Luxembourg School of Finance
Titulo: "The Time-Varying Risk of Macroeconomic Disasters"
Mayo 5
Harold Contreras - Universidad de Chile
Titulo: "Insider Selling on Public Information: Evidence from Competition with Short Sellers"
Mayo 19
Pablo Castañeda - UAI
Titulo: "On the Optimal Design of a Benchmark Portfolio"
Junio 16
Marcela Valenzuela - CEA Universidad de Chile
Titulo "Learning from history: volatility and financial crises "
Junio 30
Patricio Toro, Banco Central
Título "Credit Guarantees and Credit Constraints"
Julio 7
Mauricio Larraín - PUC
Título "Capital Inflows and Equity Issuance Activity"
Julio 14
Adam Clements, Queensland University of Technology in Birsbane
Título: "News and network structures in equity market volatility"
Agosto 11
Roman Kozhan, University of Warwick, Business School
Título: "The Cross-Section of Currency Volatility Premia"
Agosto 25
Gabriel Natividad - Universidad de Piura
Título: "The Long-Term Impacts of Colonial Taxation"
Septiembre 22
Michael Troege del ESCP-Paris
Título: "Cheap Talk and Strategic Rounding in LIBOR Submissions"
Octubre 6
Rodrigo Herrera Leiva, Universidad de Talca
Título: "A marked point process model for intraday financial returns: Modelling extreme risk"
Octubre 13
Hedibert Lopes - INSPER
Título: "On the Long Run Volatility of Stocks"
Noviembre 3
Francisco Marcet (FEN-UChile), Harold Contreras (University of Chile)
Quincuagésima sesión Seminario Interno FEN
Noviembre 17
Jana Fidrmuc (Warwick Business School)
Título: "Hedge Fund Activism and CEO Compensation"
Diciembre 1
Elizabeth Gutiérrez (FEN)
Por Definir
Diciembre 13
Miguel Minutti (University of Miami)
Joe Schroeder (Indiana University)
Chendi Zhang (Warwick Business School)
Michael Tang (NYU)
Workshop Internacional